Veterinary: A New Frontier To Help Care Your Pets

The digital future of healthcare services is upon us as telemedicine is emerging to be more accessible and prevalent than ever. As the demand for telemedicine grows, so as well for veterinarian services in the same circle.

It is reported that the growth of the pet-care market in Asia is estimated to be a value of US$1.5 billion in 2020. This upsurge growth evaluates the potential success of the veterinary industry to continually progress within the upcoming years.

With the involvement of telemedicine and veterinarian solutions, this will create a better connection between pet owners and doctors for consultation and medical advice through virtual means.

As telemedicine is known to be a rising trend, especially since the recent pandemic, telemedicine offers several benefits as to why it is a useful medium to assess the health and vitality of your pets.

But before we continue in helping you understand the advantages of telemedicine and how it may help your fur-friend.

It is best to remember that telemedicine should not be subjected as a replacement for veterinary medicine. Still, it should be harnessed as a convenient approach to augment the care needed for your pets.  


Advantages of Telemedicine For Your Pets

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Easier access

Are you tired of searching a multitude of results regarding your pet’s conditions from the Internet? It can be tiresome as you would need to know which information is trustworthy and has a reliable source.

With telemedicine, you can easily find resourceful information to care for your pets in a matter of seconds. With modern technology, you can retrieve information by scrolling on to the website or by using telehealth apps such as WhatsDoc — to obtain the best care for your pets.

 All you really need is your own personal devices.

Post-consultation services

Post-consultation care is absolutely crucial when your pets underwent surgery and other risky treatments. Rather than visiting a clinic or going for a check-up, your pets can be monitored and assessed at the comfort of your own home.

With the power of telecommunication, you can receive updates of your pet’s condition from a doctor by sending images or arranging a quick video call. This way, the veterinarian can keep track of specific injuries such as incision healing, abnormalities, and even observe the animal’s behaviour. Your pet won’t feel anxious or restless, and the doctor can produce the best possible results.

More convenient approach

With telemedicine becoming more popular and accessible, pet owners have more freedom and options in handling their anxious pets or older pets within a safe environment.

As movement from one place to another may seem difficult for pets, tele-veterinary offer pet owners a more convenient way to obtain medical advice, quick check-up analysis, and more without the need to spend extra cost for a consultation appointment.

By simply using a smartphone, you can generate and obtain the necessary requirements based on your pet’s suitability and favourability. You will only be required to take your pets to the vet clinic when it is absolutely essential.

Looking forward

Looking forward to your pet

Telemedicine is never going to replace the active approach of a veterinarian service but presents as an added-value service for the pet’s in-person exam. After all, owning a pet is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures in life as it provides true friendship and giggles galore.

But the benefits do not end there; utilising telemedicine in veterinary services may offer a stress-free solution for animal care.

If you want to know more about how telemedicine can resolve your fur-friend’s health issues, feel free to contact us. WhatsDoc has a team of veterinary specialists available 24/7.


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