Teledentistry — Transforming oral health service

Teledentistry, aka virtual dental care is a forefront service introduced in this era of modern telecommunication technology and innovative healthcare.

“Every tooth in a man’s mouth is more important than a diamond,” and so virtual dental care plays a vital role in ensuring a healthy mouth and a bright smile.

Dental care: a closer look

Virtual Dental Care is an all-inclusive solution that aids patients’ oral health virtually before or after a consultation. In fact, this kind of telehealth is becoming more popular due to the rising demand for dental services in Singapore.

More and more Singaporeans are becoming aware of the importance of maintaining excellent oral health. With virtual dental care, this speeds up access to licensed dentists through virtual consultations.

How does it work?

How does Teledentistry work

During a virtual consultation, you can either video call or take a few photos of your mouth and include a brief explanation or concerns about your oral health.

For example, a patient can text or call a dentist to discuss an urgent matter. It can take place from virtually anywhere at any time. The dentist will then review and call you in for a physical consultation if needed. This not only helps patients avoid unnecessary dental visits but also save seats and time at dental practices.

Teledentistry also works well for those who have a fear of the dentist. If you’re scared, you’re not alone. With virtual dental service, you can speak to a dentist virtually that gives you a far more comfortable experience from the comforts of your home. So, when you finally decide to go in, you will know what you want and what to expect.

In a nutshell, virtual dental care opened a new realm of opportunities for patients in terms of diagnosis, treatment, transfer of dental information and education.

Meeting the demand

While the concept of virtual dental care is not a new one, it is unfolding to greater heights with new technologies. Here are some case examples that meet the demand for both patients and dentists.

In this approach, you’ll get to understand the value of teledentistry.


Doctor show prescription to patient

As previously mentioned before, patients can immediately remotely connect with a dentist in times of emergency. This not only allows the dentist to assess the problem quickly but also recommend medications for the problem. As a result, it can save you time and a stressful trip to a dental clinic.

Not to mention, some dentists are available for emergencies 24/7, which is hugely beneficial for patients. But it doesn’t stop there; teledentistry is a huge convenience for patients in less-populated locations where they have a hard time accessing oral health services. It can potentially make dental more cost-effective for the patients.

With virtual dental care, it is a chance to educate patients on excellent oral hygiene practices and oral diseases. After all, a healthy mouth is a healthy you.

It’s also a great chance to teach your children how to brush and floss properly as well as understand your child’s teeth growth patterns.


For dentists, your consultations are virtual, and this leads to treating more patients per day. As patients don’t need to come into the clinic unless, for emergency reasons, there will be reduced chair times.

Even after an operation, check-ups won’t be necessary as you can simply connect with them remotely via a quick video call.

For more complicated issues, you can get a second opinion from a specialist or an expert at the touch of a button. You or the patient don’t have to wait for long as the entire process is seamless and efficient.

With teledentistry, the patient will receive better and more rounded care as dentists can connect with other healthcare professionals instantly.

It’s also important to note that teledentistry is not a substitute for physical dental examinations. Instead, it enhances the dentist’s consultation with in-depth care.

Moreover, teledentistry brings dental care to under-resourced communities, focusing on places where populations receive fewer health services. It allows dentist providers to reach that population and expose them to dental care and oral hygiene. This also allows your practice to engage in social responsibility and community care.

Teledentistry: Making lives easier

women showing teeth

All in all, teledentistry not only increases dental care access to patients but also provide better dental education. If implemented correctly, this can be a complete game-changer in the dental industry.

With its many advantages, for dentists and patients alike, this can change the way they look at dental health care. Teledentistry has the potential to increase general access and care regularity, reduce health disparities, and really create more reliable connections between patients and their dentists.

If you’re looking for 24/7 dental care, WhatsDoc is the teledentistry platform you need. Incorporating a team of licensed dentists, WhatDoc can assist in diagnosing your virtual dental needs and arrange appointments immediately, when required.


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