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What is telemedicine, and how do you, an aspiring doctor or a passionate healthcare professional get involved? Looking forward to offering your medical services in a more convenient way but unsure where and how to start?

At WhatsDoc, we assist our registered doctors and licensed healthcare professionals to immerse themselves in the possibilities and convenience of telemedicine.

We practise a company culture that is transparent, diplomatic and team-focused in order to deliver the best telemedicine services to our patients and corporate clients.

Significance in this company culture will allow our employees to focus on what they do best in the medical industry, take charge in certain decision-making processes with the patients and the managements, as well as maintain their passion in the industry to generate a healthy workplace environment.

Telemedicine with WhatsDoc, no more waiting, consult a doctor online

As part of our panel doctors and healthcare professionals,
you will have the benefits of:

Corporate Clientele

Explore our potential corporate client list across different industries.

Network Growth

Expand your network to a wider pool of patients and healthcare professionals. We also work on getting you new referrals both locally and overseas.

Work-Life Balance

Flexible work hours or curate your own schedule, anytime anywhere.

Data Protection

Our solutions are in compliance with GDPR regulations, HIPAA on PHI, and information security management system (ISO27001).

Digital Integration

Take advantage of the comprehensive statistics and dashboards together with a well-functioning e-schedule.

Improved Patient Outcomes and Clinic Utilisation

Studies have shown that telemedicine improves patient satisfaction, introduces better follow-up rates, and lowers readmission rate.

Reduced Workload & Print Costs

Provide your staff with the digital tools they need to maximise booking efficiencies, and a choice for your patients to receive their appointment information digitally.

Simple User Interface

Easy-to-use technology to enhance your availability and presence through multiple patient devices like smartphones and tablets.

Increased Medical Demand

Convenience is key. Research reports that patients prefer healthcare providers with telehealth services due to easy accessibility.

Promotional Opportunities

Our marketing strategies and alternatives for you are in compliance with all available healthcare advertisement regulations.

Risk Mitigation

Reduce the risk of infection for you and other medical front-liners of the COVID-19 pandemic with real-time updates and instant communication options.

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