Concord International Hospital

Founded in Singapore and also part of Concord Medical Services Holdings Limited in China, Concord International Hospital focuses on general surgeries, multi-disciplinary radiation oncology treatments, and medical oncology treatments such as targeted therapies and immunotherapies. Concord International Hospital aims to deliver good experiences and treatment outcomes to local and international patients through the expertise of its dedicated team of clinical staff and its renowned strategic consultant, The University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center, advanced technology, and specialised patient care. Concord International Hospital has a full spectrum of facilities and services including operating theatres, 24-hour outpatient clinic, radiation therapy centre, chemotherapy centre, day surgery ward, intensive care unit, inpatient suites, specialist centre, laboratory, pharmacy, and diagnostic imaging services comprising X-ray, ultrasound, mammography and CT radiology. Together with its prominent, skilful and professional team of surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists, Concord is well-equipped to perform advanced minimally invasive and robotic surgeries for multiple specialties including colorectal, breast, and obstetrics and gynaecology performed via the da Vinci® Surgical System, as well as medical and radiation oncology treatments for disciplines such as breast, gastrointestinal, lung, liver, and urology. Other key equipment in the hospital consists of the Elekta Infinity™ Linear Accelerator (for radiation therapy) and the Hologic® Selenia® Dimensions® Mammography System (for mammography examinations).


  • Location

    Concord International Hospital, 19 Adam Road, (S)289891

  • Phone Number

    6933 3722