Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
General Information
WhatsDoc is a healthcare messaging app that works like other existing messaging apps.
We are specifically dedicated to answering quick questions on healthcare through a variety of specialities and focus that are divided accordingly based on the list of clinicians and health forums available.
Any response received by any clinician is to be taken as general advice or a professional second opinion, and it is not meant for any official diagnosis or direct treatment.
Account and App Usage
The app is FREE to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store – WhatsDoc – Healthcare for All.

Once downloaded, you may explore the app accordingly without the need to sign up/ register an account.

Existing users who already have an account can login accordingly with the PIN Number.

Registration will only be required if users want to post a message or send a private message to any clinician.

Please ensure a strong and stable WiFi/ mobile data connection for your phone before launching the app to guarantee a seamless app experience.

You can sign up on the app by clicking ‘Sign Up’ at the app’s launch page, or when prompted to do so when you try to post a message or explore more forums than what has been permitted for your freemium account.

  1. Registration: You can register an account by filling up the necessary fields, or through Google and Facebook.
  2. Verification Code/ OTP: After filling up the details, a verification code will be sent via SMS to your registered number. If you didn’t receive the code, you can opt for OTP with email. Remember to check the spam/ junk mail folder of your registered email if you are not receiving any prompt.
  3. PIN Number: You will then be prompted to set up a 6-digit pin number for security purposes.
  4. Health Info: You will be required to fill up some basic health information like your weight, height and blood pressure. If you are unsure, you may place a suggested number first. You can edit them accurately later in your profile.
  5. Referral code: Fill this up if you were given any to enjoy any informed benefit(s). If not, you may skip this step.
  6. Basic Access: If you are not subscribed to any packages, you are automatically a freemium user with US$ 0 incurred to your account. You may choose up to 5 different forums to access (freemium does not include specialist forums). Read more about the different types of Subscriptions here.

Please ensure a strong and stable WiFi/ mobile data connection for your phone before launching the app to guarantee a seamless app experience.

You can log into the app based on the method that you have registered before – through email, contact number, Google or Facebook.

If you are using your contact number, remember to select the correct country code and click ‘Done’ before entering in your number.

  1. Your account will be suspended if you keyed in the wrong pin for 3 times. However, it will auto unsuspend after 5 minutes for you to try again.
  2. To avoid getting suspended again, and if you have truly forgotten your 6-digit pin number, just click on the ‘Forgot PIN?’ when you launch the app and enter your phone number that you have registered with.
  3. You will be sent a verification code to the submitted number.
  4. Key in the One-Time Password.
  5. You can try OTP with email as well. Remember to check the spam/ junk mail folder of your registered email if you are not receiving any prompt.
  6. You will be prompted to enter a NEW PIN code. PIN must contain 6 digits and cannot contain sequential numbers. Repeat the PIN for clarification.
  7. Your newly entered PIN is now recorded. You may try to sign in based on the newly created PIN.

If you are an individual below the age of 18 looking to use the app, you must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the usage of the app. Minors are not allowed to register for their own account.

It is advisable NOT to share your account as it is registered under your name and contact number.

The default language used for the app is English. You can change the language by heading over to ‘More’ located on the far right of the menu bar. Tap into ‘Language’ on the first column and select the language options that you are comfortable with. We have Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin and Lao.

Have suggestions on improving the app? Facing any bug issues during usage? You can send in your feedback through the app under the ‘More’ tab and click on ‘Send Feedback’.

You can also rate us on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Your thoughts are greatly valued!

Health Forums
Browse through the different forums catered to different healthcare topics and you can send your messages accordingly. There will be different clinicians available answering your questions.

Click on the ‘+’ sign next to the ‘Send Message’ bar to attach a photo (taken from the camera option or gallery option), or a file/ document for further understanding of the different health conditions that you are concerned about. There is also the option to send a voice recording if it is more convenient to you.

Remember to allow access to your photos and the use of a microphone to access these features.

WhatsDoc forums use asynchronous messaging, which refers to users using the WhatsDoc direct messaging platform to contact the clinicians without both parties needing to present and talk at the same time.

For the individual health chat sessions, the method is the same.

User Confidentiality, Personal Information Security and Health Records
Your data privacy is our utmost priority. All profile data and payment details are kept confidential and securely stored as per our Privacy Policy. The information is also protected and secured for any assigned clinicians’ quick access and referenced during health chat sessions.

Your profile is an important place on the app where your health information is stored. It is the 4th button at the menu bar located at the bottom.

  • In the first row, you can see your registered full name, age, number of total personal health chats and total duration (in relation to the health chat sessions).
  • Next on the row are further action buttons that can allow you to:
    • Invite Friends: Inviting other users who are not yet on WhatsDoc to join, under your special invitation. Get your personalised referral code to share it out to your friends and family and get rewarded for it. Your invited friends under your referral code will also enjoy a 50% discount to upgrade their account.
    • Upgrade Account: Ability to upgrade your account to Premium or Pro, or subscribe to another subscription plan (daily, monthly, yearly).
    • Earn Points: This is where you can earn more points by friend referrals or making more individual health chat sessions.
    • Follow Clinicians: Follow your favourite clinicians and get updated when they post something up on TipDoc.
  • The third row is My Credits. This is where you can see your remaining credits that can be used on the app for transactions after an individual health chat with a clinician. You can use local payment methods supported to top up your credits and the rate is 1 credit = USD 0.01. Please note that conversion of exchange rate is based on the payment gateway.
  • The fourth row is My Loyalty Points, where you can see the accumulation of points when you are active on the app. This will contribute to your membership tier where the more points you collect, the higher you climb and enjoy more benefits on the app.
    • With these points, you can redeem any discounts for subscriptions and teleadvice/ individual health chat sessions with clinicians.
  • The fifth row is ‘Profile Completeness’ which states the additional and missing health information that you have yet to upload or enter to keep track of your health.
  • The sixth row is ‘My Health Info’. This list shows the available information that you have entered namely:
    • Reminders: For your upcoming health check/ medication intake/ other related schedules. This can be pushed out to your Apple Calendar or Google calendar.
    • Weight, Height, BMI
    • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure
    • Body Temperature
    • Glucose (fasting): Level of glucose/ blood sugar when you are fasting. Measured in mmol/L.
    • Glucose (non-fasting): Level of glucose/ blood sugar when you are not fasting. Measured in mmol/L.
    • Allergy: To add any type of allergy that you have/ might have – categories include drug/ medication, food, insect, latex, pet.
    • Medical history: This is where you can add any related diseases that you might have. Select from the list available.
    • Medication List: This is where you can add any medications that you are consuming on a regular basis/ existing prescription.

You can edit your profile by clicking the ‘Edit Profile’ button. You can update the following information:

  • ID card: To upload your IC photo both front and back for verification. You will need to complete this before you are able to start an individual health chat session with a clinician.
  • My packages: This will display the number of packages that you are subscribed to.
  • Change Phone: Change your phone number.
  • Change PIN: Update your PIN. You will be required to enter your existing PIN number before updating to the new one.
  • Payment method: Choose to top up and pay with your WhatsDoc credits or by the universal payment gateway. For Laos users, you will have the option to use BCEL Onepay.
  • Transaction History: Any charges done through the app will be listed here.
  • Connect Existing Accounts: Choose to reconnect or disconnect your WhatsDoc account with Google, Facebook and Apple.

Additional information: WhatsDoc Business – For the professionals and targeted to companies who would like to be subscribed to WhatsDoc corporate services.

This is the second button from the left at the menu bar at the bottom of the app. Here you are able to see which clinicians are ‘online’ or ‘offline’, check out their profile and specialities before choosing to initiate a conversation with them through the ‘Chat Now’ button.

WhatsDoc is a direct healthcare messaging app where you can message your clinicians anytime, anywhere. However, every advice and suggestion given by the clinicians should be acknowledged as a second professional opinion, and not to be assumed as a proper diagnosis, nor taken as the final assessment or treatment.

When you click ‘Chat Now’ on an available clinician, you are brought to a verification page before proceeding. You may choose to verify your identity with your registered PIN number, or with biometric verification (fingerprint or facial recognition).

The individual health chat sessions are done in asynchronous messaging and strictly kept between 2 people: the assigned clinician, and the user who promoted the chat session. There is no option of adding in a third user/ clinician into the chat.

The clinician will first confirm your full name and IC number that is provided during your account registration. If your identity cannot be confirmed, the individual health chat session will be cancelled.

The health chat session will be available for 24 hours from the time it was initiated by the user. Once the 24 hours is up, the chat session will be ended and both parties are unable to send/ reply to messages anymore.

The health chat session summary will be generated, and can be found at ‘My Profile’ tab, under ‘My Medical Documents’.

Every day, the app will list different clinicians based on their stated availability and categorised based on their specialities. Starting the health chat session with the selected clinician means that you are agreeable with the stated fee that is listed in the profile and will be charged accordingly.

As it is asynchronous messaging, there might be a possibility that your selected clinician is occupied with another user, and they are unable to respond to you accordingly at your preferred pace.

The health chat session will be open for 24 hours, and we request for your kind patience and understanding for this matter.

Nevertheless, you may click “Cancel” and try again with another available clinician if you are not receiving any response; or alternatively you can directly message your question in the Health Forums

All listed clinicians that will be attending to you in the app are verified through their medical credentials & qualifications, and/ or their respective medical councils.

Should you want to get to know your clinicians better, you can explore their professional profiles by clicking into their photos or on their names.

If you find any misconduct or inappropriate words/ actions displayed by the clinician (be it in the Health Forums or any individual health chat sessions), you may immediately report him/ her to us through the platform. Remember to screenshot the evidence on your phone to submit as proof.

Follow the below steps to report a clinician:
  1. Click into the ‘Clinician’ tab on the menu bar.
  2. Search the name of the clinician and click into their photos.
  3. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the profile.
  4. Click ‘Report Clinician’.
  5. Fill up the form by selecting an ‘Abuse Category’ and add a description to elaborate on your experience.
  6. You can choose to attach a screenshot as proof.
  7. Submit the report and the WhatsDoc team will review and take the necessary actions.

Choose to top up and pay with your WhatsDoc credits or by the universal payment gateway. For Laos users, you will have the option to use BCEL Onepay.

You can also enter any given promo/ referral code for any discount or waiver fee.

No, we do not encourage the sharing of accounts as your account is registered under your name and linked with your personal medical records. This will cause a serious misunderstanding and confusion for the clinicians as they might determine a mis-assessment.

Health Blog/ TipDoc
Read up on any available health articles on our blog – all in a mobile friendly view.
  • If you would like to share the article out to any friends and family, click into the article that you are interested in, and navigate to the top right corner where the ‘Share’ button is located.
  • Choose your preferred platform or messaging app to share the link to.
All health articles can also be accessed through the blog tab as well on our website.

As for TipDoc on the app, the tab is like your own social media feed, where you can follow your favourite clinicians and keep updated when they post a tip! You can ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the tips to your contacts on other social messaging platforms.