Who We Are

WhatsDoc is a digital healthcare company in Singapore that offers various telemedicine services in consistent with the National Telemedicine Guidelines. Our list includes, but not limited to, tele-collaboration, tele-treatment, tele-monitoring, and tele-support.

To ensure balance between continuity, accessibility, comprehensiveness, and productivity, WhatsDoc subscribes to Multi-Institutional Practice Models where physicians spread their practice across a wide network of hospitals, and clinics, both private and public.

Medication to your doorstep, e-mc online

“I solemnly pledge to: dedicate my life to the service of humanity; give due respect and gratitude to my teachers; practise my profession with conscience and dignity; make the health of my patient my first consideration;

SMC Physician’s Pledge

Doctor appointment in Singapore


We believe healthcare belongs to everyone

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To connect everyone in healthcare seamlessly and conveniently

Core Values

WhatsDoc acts on the ‘SAVE’ principle that becomes the backbone and beliefs of our organisation:

S — Smart and Secure

Connect to your doctor in a smart and secure environment

A — Affordability and Availability

Medical services should be affordable, and available anytime anywhere, right at your fingertips

V — Value

Always providing the best value for your health


To further empower everyone to understand and manage their own health

Quality Policy

Our company believes in offering uncompromising quality service to our patients and clients:

Assurance of quality medical services

Best outcome for patients’ interests

Commitment towards the betterment of our patients’

Dedication through personalised care